A website with an elegant and chic design will immediately give a good impression about your business to visitors and easily convince them to try out your services. These are the 8 amazing law firm website design inspirations for your next law firm website project.

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1. Law Firm focusing on Immigration

This is a chic design style focusing on young audience. With 2 main contrast colors of dark gray and orange, it bring about a fresh impression to visitors and compel them to scroll down for more.

Immigration Consultant website. Designed by Tufayel Khan

2. Private law firm website design

If your firm focuses on the luxury customer base, opt for this rose gold look and create a high-end impression for your business. It touts professionalism and a personalized service for each of your clients.

Design by Fernanda Helenco

3. High-end Law firm Website Design

Unlike the design above, this design style has a more corporate look and feel to it. Again, it focus on a high-end segment of the market with the golden touch. Or we can see it focuses on how successful and long standing it is as a law firm.

Website Design by Inkyy

4. Divorce – Family Law Website Design

Blue is a very universal theme and you can’t go wrong with it. This style is best for general customer segment who look for quality service on a budget.

Design by Machamad Hakim Haiman

5. High-end Law Firm website design

Design by Mohan

6. Personal Injury and Car Accident Law Firm Website Design

Design by Humayra Kabir Anamika

7. Immigration Law Firm Website Design

A modern look with a high contrast that bring forth the multi-cultural impression for visitors who seeks to migrate to another country.

Design Itmaestro

8. Traditional Law Firm Website Design

This design embrace a traditional look and feel of a law firm, down to earth and serious. It create a trust-worthy look and feel for clients who looks for justice for their cases.

Design by Mohamoodulla Siddik

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