Companies spend millions of dollars and countless hours each year focused on how to effectively manage and promote their brands. There is advice everywhere on how to build a successful brand. 

The truth is, some brands just do it better than others. Some brands are iconic, timeless. Brands like Nike, McDonald’s, Amazon and Google are some of the very best at it. If you want to emulate this kind of success, you too will need to understand what the characteristics are that make a brand go beyond successful and become timeless.

Identify The Target Audience

The best brands know their audience and give them what they want. Home depot focuses on the do it yourself crowd. Gerber advertises to mothers. A big part of understanding the right values for your brand is understanding the values and needs of your core audience. 

Have a good customer persona and understand the customer journey. Using these tools will help you better understand your consumer and how they view and interact with your brand. This will make your brand stronger by helping you meet the specific needs of your target demographic. It will also show you where there are weak points that you can improve on.

Have a Strong Mission Statement

You have to know your “why.” You want your mission, your passion, to permeate every aspect of your branding. This will make you memorable and even timeless because it gives your customers something to relate to and remember you by. 

A great mission statement is clear and well defined. If you can’t explain your brand’s mission in under one minute, you should rethink your mission. 

If you need help crafting your mission statement check out this article by marketing strategist Wendy Maynard.

Know the Competition

Smart brands recognize their competition. They see what their competitors do well to make sure that they can remain on the same level. They also look for weaknesses in their competitors to be able to gain an edge in the marketplace. 

You should be analyzing brands similar to yours, it’s a great measuring stick for your own brands reach and growth. 

Know Their Strengths

Part of knowing your audience and staying front of mind with customers is knowing what you have to offer them. You have to be able to identify what gives your brand value to the marketplace.

Make sure that what you are offering provides value to your customers and they will keep coming back for years to come. 

Great Marketing Efforts

Timeless brands have incredibly effective marketing efforts. Ther logos, tag lines, mottos and slogans are memorable and well representative of the brand. 

If you don’t have a logo or tagline your company is going to have a really hard time being memorable to consumers. A logo should be clear and simple so that it is easily recognizable. If you choose to accompany it with a tagline, make sure that the tagline is not too specific, narrow or complicated. A logo and tagline should represent your brand as a whole. Check out Oberlo’s free slogan generator here, and LogoCreator here, to make your own logo. 


The most timeless brands are memorable. It is impossible to be memorable if your brand is not consistent. You need to carry the same message and values through every campaign and on every medium. Make sure your customers know exactly who you are and what they can expect. 

A Relatable Story

Iconic brands have great relatable stories. They tell their story through their marketing and they can relate to the stories of their customers. This kind of brand storytelling lends itself to authenticity and a personal touch that will make you one of a kind with customers.

Author: Olli Nieves


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