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How long does it take to build a website?

A simplest business website often includes these pages Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us. If you have all the content ready (i.e from an old website to redo), it should takes 2-4 weeks to complete. In reality, very few clients come to us with everything we need, plus the approval/revision process often makes the project longer. The faster you return to our emails with what we need, the faster you will see the result. Our projects are often done after 4-6 weeks.

We offer Rush Order for businesses with a strict deadline for an event, but since we will have to work overtime, sometimes overnight to meet your deadline, the cost for Rush Order is 150% of regular orders.

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I like what you created for others, but how do you ensure that I will like what you make for me?

After receiving your order, we will work closely with you to create a prototype. The prototype is a sample website created with your content hosted on our domain. You will preview and approve your website here or feedback to improve it. At this stage, if you believe we can’t do what you expect, you can cancel the project and walk away. Just send us an email saying you want to officially cancel the project, no explanation needed.

If you love everything on the sample site and ready to bring it to life,  we will build it on your hosting and domain. This should take a couple hours at mid night to minimize the downtime of your live website (if you have a running website). After this, if you want to stop the project, you have to pay for all the work that have been done.

Do I need to have a domain and hosting in advance?

No, we can help you purchase a domain and hosting that work best for you.

I need a website done for a coming event. Can you do a Rush Order within our deadline?

Yes. We offer Rush Order for businesses with a strict deadline for an event, but since we will have to work overtime sometimes overnight to meet your deadline, the cost for Rush Order is 150% of regular orders.
Also, it is important that both sides agree to a rush project conducts, like replying emails/calls, getting answers to questions ASAP to get the project going. Statistically, 100% clients fall short in getting back to us with content/approval we need to meet the deadline. It results in us having to work overnight to make up to waiting time in order to meet the deadline for our clients. That is the reason why we charge a rush order 150% of regular project, so that our clients can be responsible to their project as well.

What makes you better than other website developer?

We believe a good website should not only function well and provide enough information, but also look attractive. We can provide all that with our website development service. That will include a free custom logo design (if needed), free web design, SEO and cyber security. That means not only your website will work well but also looks stunningly modern. You will reach more audience from Google. All our websites meet security requirements,  SEO and responsive. Even better, if you don’t like what we propose, you can cancel the project and get your money back. However, you can only cancel the project before the project goes live.

How much does a website cost?

We typically charge based on the requirements.  But we offer a flat rate of $5000 for a basic website with these pages or less: Home, About Us, Single Team member bio pages, Our Services, Single Service Details pages, Contact Us, FAQs, Pricing, News & Event . Use the Request A Service form to see if your project is eligible for the flat rate.

The price includes SEO optimization, best practices consultation, website UI design, graphic design (like photoshop images), website development, production build, data migration, company emails creation/migration.

The price does NOT include content creation (copywriting, photoshooting), creating branding or marketing materials (banner, posters). But we do provide these services at an extra fee.  Do check out our Promotions for special deals.

How much is your hourly rate?

We do not charge by hours. It’s simply a wrong way to do business.

Imagine a rookie developer who charges $30/hrs. When you ask him to do a features that he doesn’t know how to do, he takes 100 hrs to learn and practice. You basically pay for him to use your project as a guinea pig.

Meanwhile, we are as professionals, who knows how to do the job quickly and with high quality. But we can’t charge the rate too high because it will scare you off. Say we charge you $120/hrs. It takes us only 10 hrs to do the same feature and give you a high quality result with minimum bugs. We charge 4 times hourly rate, but we do it 1/10 of the bad developer’s time. So we end up earning less than the beginner. Is it fair for us?

And it is not fair for you either. Why should you pay more for a slow worker who provides a bad result?

We charge a package price based on the measurable values that we provide you at the end. Because it is the result that is usable for you that matters. Not how much time we spend on creating it. And because you want to see the cost upfront to prepare your budget. It’s a win-win solution.

We also hate to tell you that we have to charge you extra for changing out pictures or text for you. We know revisions are unavoidable, so we offer a price where you can feel free to ask us to improve the website, and we can feel free to do the work for you without feeling being taken advantage of.

We’re looking forward to doing business without, happily!

Which hosting company do you recommend?

We have used a dozen of hosting companies, Name Cheap is by far my most favorite. Not only does the hosting very fast and easy to use, it also rarely causes issues. But if there is any issue, we can chat with the Support team and get it resolves very quickly. That’s why we advise you to use Name Cheap for your domain and hosting. You’ll be happy just as we are about its services.

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