This is the most comprehensive tutorial on how to transfer a domain from GoDaddy to Namecheap.

Stage 1: In GoDaddy

Before you can transfer your domain, you have to unlock your domain in GoDaddy and get an Authorization Code.

Step 1: Login to your GoDaddy account

Step 2: In My Products, find the domain you want to transfer and click “Manage”. It will take you to Domain Settings page.

Step 3: In the Domain Settings page, scroll down to “Additional Settings” section. If your Domain lock is “On”. Click on Edit and slide the slider to OFF to unlock your domain.


Step 4: Click on Get Authorization Code, it will send the Authorization Code to the email you registered with the domain. Check your email for the Authorization Code, you’ll need it in Step 6.

If you don’t have the access to that email address. You can scroll up to the “Contact Information” section and click Edit to change the email address. It will send you a confirmation email and ask you to confirm it before the email actually changes. Proceed to Get Authorization Code to get it in your new email address.


Stage 2: In Namecheap

Step 5: Go to Namecheap and purchase a Domain Transfer


Step 6: Enter Authorization Code obtained in Step 4


Step 7: Confirm order and Pay. Remember to turn on Auto-renew to avoid disruption for your website later on.


Stage 3: Confirm Transfer out in GoDaddy

The last step is to confirm transfer out from GoDaddy. If you don’t do anything, GoDaddy will automatically complete the transfer in 1 week. But it’s too long!! You can complete it in 1 day by manually “Accept” the transfer in GoDaddy.

Step 8: Login GoDaddy and go to “Domains” -> “Transfer”. It will show you the list of all domains you’re transferring out. Click on Accept or Decline in Status column. And click “Accept” and “OK”.

If you don’t see the “Accept or Decline” link in the Status. Wait a couple hours and check back again.


In a few hours up to 1 day, GoDaddy will send you an email saying the transfer is complete.

Step 9: Namecheap will send you an email asking you to verify your information. You have 15 days to verify your information. Basically, just click on a link in the email to confirm your info. And voila!! That’s it, you’ve completed a domain transfer from GoDaddy to Namecheap! Phew!!


Let me know if you have any questions or how I can improve this tutorial for you. Good luck!

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