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Fancy Codes is the expert in the field. We pride ourselves in fast and high quality results. Our websites always incorporate the best practices and modern technologies to bring you a sleek website. We have the future in mind when we select technologies for your website. Because we know as your business grows, so does your website. The goal is that you can scale up your website easily without having to start from scratch. And we love it when our customers are surprised about our outstanding works. Give us a try, you won’t regret it!

Real Estate

Milestone Premier Properties


Web Design Branding Real Estate

Brandy came to us looking to beautify her real estate listing section. We ended up renovate her entire website along with it. 🙂


National Partner in Healthcare


Web Design Healthcare

We help National Partner in Healthcare to redo their website according to their design and gradually adding functions to the website as they need.



White Lions of Shaolin


Web Design Branding Martial Arts

White Lions of Shaolin is a long-standing martial arts school in Farmer Branch, TX. The owner needs help to attract new students via his website. The new website boosts his enrollment by 300%.


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