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White Lions Of Shaolin

By Stella Cobb

How it began

Sifu George Giatrakis has been teaching Chinese martial arts for 20 years. But most of his students come from words of mouth and he struggles to get new students. His website barely had visitors and he knew it because he had never had students via his website.


Before Redesign

The website was built in the early 2000s with obsolete design and technology and unresponsive! Sifu Giatrakis bought a pre-made website template and ask if I can use it to rebuild the website for him. I convinced him to let me custom design the website for him using WordPress. He agreed.



The challenge for this website is that most of pictures were taken with low quality. If we used those pictures as-is, it will bring down the quality of the website. So I used Photoshop and Lightroom to give those photos a more professional look. They turned out pretty good. It took me 4 weeks to complete the design and development of the website.



I understood that for a school to attract students to register, an online registration form is a must. So I added a registration form that asks prospective students to fill out basic information with an option to a free class.


Since most of his current students came from words of mouth, that means he has good credibility. But how to let a total stranger believes his school is the right choice? I came to Yelp and copy genuine reviews from his previous students and brought to the website. That much was enough.


After 3 days of launching, sifu Giatrakis told us he got 5 new registrations from the website forms. He has old students coming back as well. It’s an instant ROI for him and I am proud to be a part of it. 

Updated: At the time of asking me to redesign the website, sifu Giatrakis was struggling and could afford to fix up his studio. When the HVAC broke down in the middle of the winter, he was unable to afford it. But 5 months after the new site launch, he could afford to replace the HVAC and revamp his school. This new website saved his business.


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