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Hi, my name is Stella Cobb, owner of Fancy Codes and I am living my dream: make the online world a beautiful place one website at a time.

I treat every project like my own. I will tell you what is good and what is bad; what the best practice is, what you should do to turn your digital appearance into a 24/7 salesperson.

I have a great love for beauty and technology. I love how Apple created such a huge loyal fan base. There are dozens of other phones that can do what an iPhone does. But the iPhone has a better design, better usability and better performance for the same function. In other words, Apple understands what people want and need before people even know it. Another example is Tesla. There are dozens of electric car companies before Tesla, but none had created such a hype in electric vehicles as Tesla did. The secret again is a great design, great usability, and great performance. Those are the secret to a successful company and I can help you achieve it.

My first job was as an Operations Executive at Laguna Lang Co during its pre-opening phase in 2013. I was fascinated to find what makes Laguna stand out from other resorts nearby. What makes it a 5-star world standard? What makes billionaires want to own a villa in the middle of nowhere like Lang Co, Vietnam? Among my duties was to assist the photo-shooting crews around the resort to create the best photos for advertising. These photos I helped create were distributed in countless high-end travel magazines. Until now some of them are still being used on their corporate website. I love the sophisticated, yet the harmonious arrangement of elements in creating a beautiful yet functional structure. That has no doubt shaped my view on beauty in the technology world till this day.

Then, I left Laguna Lang Co to work for a U.S software development company named MagRabbit. This second job was very much closer to my major in college. I helped customers design the best possible systems using the latest technologies available. I have loved computers since my cousin showed me her brand new computer as a kid. I was hooked and I was determined to work in the computer industry when I grew up. Here I was, working to help my customers create their own masterpiece. During that time, I learned about web design as a hobby, trying to create the best looking websites that I could.

Fast forward to 2016, I got married and moved to north Texas. I have a wonderful family and I want to do the things that I love the most, in my own way. I’m also surprised to see a lot of small businesses stuck with outdated websites that they built in the 90s. That’s why I started this business to create trendy websites that won’t break the bank. That is how Fancy Codes was born. Every project is a challenge that I love. Let me help you create something both of us can be proud of!

Stella Cobb

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