You try to run PHP app locally by installing XAMPP on your computer. But when you try it access localhost/phpmyadmin, it shows a deadly screen HTTP Error 404.0 – Not Found. Don’t fret! The solution is very simple and easy.

localhost/phpmyadmin error HTTP error 404.0

Step 1: First of all go to apache config.

  • Now go to select Apache “httpd.conf” so now you can see that a notepad file will be opened”.
  • Find the word “Listen” using ctrl + F button or go to Edit then select find.
  • Replace “Listen 80” to “Listen 8080“.
  • Again find another “Listen” now change “ServerName localhost:80” to “ServerName localhost:8080” and then Save it.

Step 2: Again go to config and select “Apache (httpd-sss.conf)“.

  • Find “Listen 443” and change it to “Listen 4433
  • Find “<virtualHost_default_:443>” and replace this with “<virtualHost_default_:4433>” and again save it.

Step 3: Go to config and select “service & ports settings” and change the port to 8080 and 4433 and save it. It might show error “Cannot read file “C:\xampp\xampp-control.ini”, just click OK. It actually still saves it.

Step 4: Restart the Apache and MySQL services on XAMPP Control Panel.

That’s it!


Download XAMPP for Free From Here

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